Memorabilia Framing

Memorabilia framing: the smart way to display medals,
awards and more in Doncaster East

Display your memorabilia in a stylish and attractive manner with one of our specially designed frames.

If it can be held and treasured, 
it can be framed 

Here at Hall of Frame, we can frame absolutely anything. Past clients have brought us war medals, shark’s teeth, guns, bayonets, coins, carpet from embassies and the Melbourne Cricket Club, Turkish rugs, footy jumpers, dresses, shoes and more. Just bring in your treasured item, or get in touch with our specialist team today, and we can frame it for you.
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hall of frame rectangular emma framed number plate

Preserve your valuable items

Most memorabilia is unique and highly valued. Our memorabilia framing team will treat your items with the care and respect they deserve. 

We will evaluate your items to determine the best way to handle them, as well as the best way to frame them so that they look great and are well preserved.

Our memorabilia framing team will also take into account the cost of your items, and all framing services are reversible so that your item is not devalued.

Custom frames, made with 
specilaised materials

Our memorabilia frames are made-to-measure. We’ll take into account all your requirements, and give you a sneak peek at what your finished frame will look like using our state-of-the-art digital visualisation software.
We also use specialised mats and glass specifically designed for needlework and memorabilia framing. These will ensure your item is displayed in the correct way.
We also offer framing services to corporate clients.

Call us today to find out more.

Got an unusual item that needs to be framed? Drop by today, 
or call our memorabilia framing team on 03 9842 5782 for a free quote. 

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